Pratia Apps

for the Android OS

Current Apps

Cheater! - MathCheater! Math features all of the math programs essential for, well, math! This no nonsense application currently features six programs that perform different functions essential to high school, and beyond, level math. This application can be used to look up formulas for different geometric shapes, solve missing sides or angles of a triangle, perform Pythagorean Theorem, find the zeros and vertex of a parabolic equation, convert between radians and degrees, and, just for the heck of it, convert decimal to binary and vise versa.

Expansion The idea is simple: fill the screen with fillers. Easy right? Of course, there is a limited number of fillers and there are destroyers that bounce around the screen that just love to destroy your fillers! Fill 60% of the screen to beat the level. See how far you can get!

Save up for different colors with abilities, harder difficulties, and more! Unlock multiple achievements!

*For best results, search for "Pratia" on the Play Store

Upcoming Apps

Score Keeper - Pen and paper is so old fashioned for keeping score. With this app, you can save players names, set limits, and easily manage scores for any type of game.

Cheater! - Physics - A simple, no nonsense program that will perform various processes necessary to physics.